Pronto Xi 740 has gone way beyond a management tool to become an invaluable asset that can enhance every aspect of your business. Because it's not just about being knowledgeable, it's about being able to get the most out of the knowledge you have.

Business Intelligence

KPI Library

IBM Cognos BI

Key. Note.

Pronto Xi KPI Library makes it easier to turn your data into insights. A library of aggregated data that includes over 80 Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and 1,400 business metrics has been added to make it easier for you to see how your business is tracking.

Each standard KPI combines multiple metrics. Data is aggregated across most Pronto Xi modules and stored based on predefined drill paths, delivering faster, more efficient analyses. You can view your KPIs in the Pronto Xi workspaces, the new canvas with drag and drop capability.

Auto. Graph.

Templates and style references are available in both IBM Cognos BI Report Studio and Workspace Advanced. When creating a report from a template, you can either select an actual template or use a standard report.

As well as improving functionality, there are new chart types specifically tailored to; show the relationships between categories, compare different metrics in the same visualisation, and showing rank and magnitude of impact.



Enterprise Search

Two Factor Authentication (2FA)

Over. View.

Workspaces is an interactive, drag-and-drop canvas that displays relevant, real-time information to every staff member. This facilitates decision-making and priority setting, and encourages greater collaboration.

Display up to six widgets from the KPI Library and, in one click, see how you perform against your personal KPIs. Enhance user personalisation with many options to format data, including:

  • Selection of chart types
  • Trends over a period of time
  • Sorting, filtering and more

Pro. Found.

Finding frequently used data or menu functions is now just a click away.

With Enterprise Search now added to the web interface, you can search all available modules or select the ones that are most relevant. Each search result presents a range of options for subsequent functions or tasks that you're likely to perform.

You can also define the default actions for various users.

Safe. Guard.

Two-factor authentication to confirm a user's identity at login provides an extra level of security and peace of mind. It is now available for the Enterprise Client, Web Interface, Mobile Service and Employee Portal in Pronto Xi, using a six-digit, time-based, one- time passcode (TOTP).


AP Automation Integration

Data Quality Management

Pay. Check.

It's now easy to integrate third-party Accounts Payable (AP) automation solutions with Pronto Xi via a suite of APIs. So you can reap the productivity and cost benefits of scanning and then processing supplier invoices electronically.

If any supplier invoices cannot be reconciled automatically, they are displayed so that they can be reviewed and validated before being posted to the sub-ledger and General Ledger.

Up. Time.

New data checking programs within Data Quality Management (DQM) increase system availability, saving you time so you can do more with Pronto Xi. By default, DQM only checks changed data.

A Data Quality dashboard displays the status of DQM processes as well as all identified issues, which are grouped by module. Once issues are corrected, DQM validates them and removes them from the Dashboard.


AT Mode

Promotions Engine enhancements

Points of Sale (POS)

On. Point.

Point of sale (POS) terminals can operate even when there is no connection to the Pronto Xi server thanks to the Auxiliary Trading (AT) Mode function.

A new dashboard simplifies AT Mode administration, making database management and diagnostics easy. You can assess the status of all your POS terminals in one view and access options to manage and resolve issues with a single click.

Whole. Sale.

Promotions can apply to all backorders raised at the POS or existing supplier rebates can be recorded.

Similarly, new features expand and simplify promotions linked to coupons. Threshold promotions, such as 'spend and save' are also now easier to set up and manage.

View. Point.

There is a fresh look and feel to the default Point of Sale terminal template, along with a library of new designs available to help you customise it.

In addition:

  • POS staff can now email retail dockets/invoices at cash receipt
  • You can choose the format of the item description displayed on your terminals
  • POS receipts for laybys and backorders are now more detailed
  • You can sort and filter by item price after an initial keyword search

Supply Chain Management

Sales and inventory KPI Analysis

Recurring Sales Orders

Snap. Shot.

Now you can analyse your sales performance even more quickly and intuitively. A host of new features helps you see and understand exactly what you need to.

Leverage the speed of the KPI Library's aggregated data with improved ad-hoc slice and dice data exploration. Use prebuilt charts and visualisations to make it easy to understand data and identify exceptions. Save the most relevant views of data for future analysis.

Auto. Mate.

Reduce administration time with automated order scheduling. This is particularly useful for transactions with a predefined supply of goods and services over a given period.

Create billing templates, defining the frequency for each invoice. The agreed price of goods and services is set upon creation of the invoice and takes into account pricing fluctuations.

When new invoices or orders are created automatically, the built-in notification system delivers email alerts. To put it simply, a smarter way to work.

Asset and Facility Management

Resource Management

Mobile Service

Resource. Fully.

Resource Management, a significant new module in Pronto Xi 740, centralises the planning and management of work requirements across large groups of human and non-human (asset) resources. Now it's much easier to manage remuneration and work allocation, and identify any over or under-utilisation of resources.

Underpinning Resource Management is a thorough work roster and employee award system. Awards (or agreed rates) are applied automatically to timesheets entered by staff.

Any. Where.

The look and feel of Mobile Service has been updated to provide a consistent user experience across multiple applications. A number of practical enhancements have also been made:

  • Unique attributes can be set against serialised stock and/or serviceable units
  • New serviceable items can be added as they're identified
  • Customer signatures can be captured at the end of service calls
  • Any carryover notes with critical information relating to service issues are displayed
  • Menus can be customised to suit technicians' specific needs


Work Orders

Bill of Materials (BOM)

Work. Flow.

To allow for standard sorting/filtering as well as searching by Item Code description, the Item Code description has been added to the Selective Work Order Enquiry data grid. Other improvements include:

  • A new option that gives GL batch information to provide a better understanding of financial postings
  • Enhanced Bulk Work Order Issue functions
  • A new enquiry option for Transfer Orders that lets you drill into header and line details
  • A streamlined workflow for Project based Manufacturing

New. Order.

A data grid view of exploded BOMs is now available via the Product Data Management menu. This feature gives a detailed view across all levels of subassembly components, making it easier to filter and sort views of your Bill of Materials.

Improved auditing of the BOM header and routing delivers better change tracking in Manufacturing. All new and updated data in the BOM Header and route records are captured.