Tailored cloud solutions made easy

It’s not just our class leading software platform that can unlock serious benefits for your organization. Because our solutions are adaptable, so too are our delivery methods.

While some companies still choose to manage their Pronto Xi ERP on-premises, technology now allows for new delivery methods with their own advantages.

Cloud implementation offers the flexibility to scale your software package as you grow, so you don’t pay for anything you don’t need. It provides the freedom to access your critical business data wherever you are in the world.

Pronto Cloud gives you the option to have your software hosted in Pronto’s Australian and global data centres, and take advantage of guaranteed uptime rates of up to 99.99%. You can even supply your own infrastructure, or rent everything you need from Pronto.

Cloud ERP

Securely access your software and data wherever you are in the Australia and around the world.


Cut the costs of administration, support, maintenance, upgrade and deployment –  without compromising functionality or ROI.


Customized, flexible solutions, delivering the hardware, software and/or range of management services you need to grow.


Focus on what's important

One of the keys to the success of Pronto Cloud is that you can choose exactly what you need and rapidly change it to suit changing circumstances or emerging opportunities.

Our purpose built platform provides you greater flexibility to scale your IT server requirements when you need it, so you only pay for what you use, not what you might need for the future.

We have a number of data centres in Australia and around the world, all built with real-time redundancy and data backup management. Our guaranteed uptime rates of 99.99% are amongst the highest offered in the industry.

Pronto Hosted Services

Pronto Hosted Services

A virtual solution that’s very real

Pronto Cloud takes the hassle out of running a business software solution like Pronto Xi. Whether you own the servers and infrastructure, rent them from a third party, or have them provided by Pronto Cloud, we will manage your systems to maximise the effectiveness of your investment.

By using Pronto Cloud services, we help you save on overheads and drastically shorten your return on investment period. Cut the costs of administration, support, maintenance, upgrade and deployment without compromising functionality. Plus there’s minimal start-up time and no requirement for lengthy procurement or technical training.

We also provide our software on-demand for a low monthly fee (Software as a Service or cloud), further reducing your up-front costs. So you can outsource your entire IT needs with one, trusted partner.

Pronto Software Technology Partners

Tailored cloud solutions made easy


Pronto Cloud provides scalable, resilient and maintenance-free Infrastructure and Platform managed solutions. Not only do we provide the cloud but we manage it so there’s less worry, less business risk and lower costs. Learn how your business can benefit.

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Pronto Cloud

Pronto Cloud Managed Solutions

Pronto Cloud provides breadth and depth of managed services for simple, easy and affordable access to the computing smarts.

Learn more about our services and how we can work with your business by visiting our website at prontocloud.com.au.

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